The “IPFS Stack” has a very nice separation of concerns between

This is a very good design.

Unfortunately, this has been conceptualized as applying to a narrow definition of data “in IPFS.”

This presupposes that data somehow “enters” and, presumably, at some future point “exits” a state of “being in IPFS.”

This view limits the potential of Content Addressing to solve problems that start from data “at rest” and continue indefinitely through the various user needs that arise related to data.

Data Routing

For a moment, forget about IPFS and Content Addressing and even the beauty of hashes.

Let’s get down to bare bytes.

Pure, unadulterated Data.

Causes occur, conditions are met, and Data needs to be in another location.

This is when Data Routing occurs.

Consider, for a moment, all the cases in which

bytes move from one memory space to another.

It’s almost everything right?